20 June 2008


Since I started fingerboarding back in August 07, a lot of people have messaged me asking how I got so good at it in a short amount of time. The truth is, there is no secret to progressing faster. I was fortunate to have a job where I basically got to sit around all day with nothing to do, so I picked up fingerboarding, while I couldn't skate being at work. It's true that some people will progress alot faster than others, it seems like some people just "have it" while others just don't, this applies to skateboarding too. I've been skating almost 8 years now, while a friend of mine has been skating almost 4 and he is years beyond me, I also have a friend who has been skating for 11 years, and he is also alot better than I am, thus the some "have it" and some don't applies here. 
The again, sometimes you have to work hard to be good at something. Going back to me sitting around at work doing nothing, I would spent nearly 3 straight hours just fingerboarding everday, ontop of that, I worked in a skateshop where it was pretty much dead all day, so I started fingerboarding there as well, adding another 3 hours of fingerboarding a day onto my practice time. If there is a secret I think it's hard work as you can see, anyone who fb's for nearly 6 hours a day is going to progress alot faster than someone who only spends 1-2. 
Another thing I see is people just starting out and getting discouraged because they can't do all the tricks they see people doing in videos right away. I think it's kind of silly, getting good takes alot of practice and repetition, which can get boring but that's how you learn. Another key to progressing is having fun, this also applies to skateboarding, every pro I have ever seen talk about their skating always mentions having fun as the most important part, if you arent having fun why bother...


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