13 August 2008

Review: Berlinwood Regular

Berlinwood Regular w/ Nollie Metal Wheels

Appearance: The deck looks absolutely amazing. The lacquer was done perfectly smooth. All the holes in the deck were aligned perfectly to Tech Deck trucks, so I had no issue there. The sides of the board were well sanded as well. The alternating plies look cool, and the graphic I thought looks great as well. There were no visible defects in my deck, even the holes were sanded well. It’s hard not to give a Berlinwood a perfect score in the looks department. Grade: 4.0 / 4.0

Performance: My personal preference is griptape for fingerboarding, however, on this deck I probably would make an exception. Having a flat deck with griptape makes it a bit harder to pop tricks higher. Nonetheless, the board performs very well. It has a very crisp, solid pop and has yet to wear out. For griptape diehards like me, I’d probably get a Berlinwood Deep, because griptape + no concave makes tricks kind of difficult. All in all, the Berlinwood Regular is very durable deck that will last a long time with consistent performance. I’d recommend it to anyone who does not like too much concave in their deck, or is looking for a change from their Wide/Deep decks. There isn’t much a fingerboarder could ask for…except… maybe another BerlinWood! Grade: 5.5 / 6
You can buy Berlinwoods from these distributors:

Overall, I felt that the BerlinWood Regular was a very solid deck. However, next time I would use Rip Tape or FBS Smooth Tape instead of Griptape.
Score: 9.5 / 10 A

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