13 August 2008

No-Comply picks up a Deal! A Wheel Company fit for the Gods?

No-Comply picked up Dave Deal for its Flex Tape team. Congrats Dave on the sponsor!

New wheel company?

Featuring Apollo Wheels founded by Jordan Trachtman. Apollo Wheels are going to be metal core wheels, which kind of resemble Eurolit Wheels in that regard, with some sort of material on the outside. With bearing wheels being the rage recently, it's nice to see a few different options for wheels. Did I say that the wheels will only cost $10??

The Hi-Adventure Fingerboarding Contest on TV!

Sick stuff, David Auster's footy at the end was insane. My favorite part is when the reporter makes an attempt to fingerboard :) It looks like everyone who participated had a great time. Brazil's scene is thriving! For more information, check out Jader's blog entry here!
Source: http://fingerboardbrasil.com/

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