23 July 2008

Latest Jam in Portugal

Hi everybody!
Andre Coral here, bringing news from the portuguese prespective of fingerboard and other stuff.
For my first article i decided to make a review of our latest Jam.

It happened on the 28th of june in Lisbon´s city park
It was a very good experience, as all Jams are.

We mounted our parks just by a skate park, some even had the oportunity to ride the bigger park for old time sacke like Gil from Lowpro & Philipe from Yellowod.

It was a sunny day and it was hot, but the shadow of the trees was perfect.
We held 2 competitions.
Game of Skate and Best trick.

4 groups
first 2 go throw to playoffs
first 4 get prize

final score:

1º- Loz (Loma) won 1 Lowpro Deck & FPT Bearings
2º- Kaybass won 1 LowPro Deck& FPT Reep
3º- Afonso won 1 Lowpro Deck& FBPT O´rings
4º- Gonçalo (Lowpro) won 1 Lowpro Deck

chose one trick
say it
5 tris to do it
judges ( the sponsors - from Lowpro me & Gil and from Yellowod Philipe) grade the tries on a scale from 0 to 20

final score:
1º- Loz (shovit to blunt) (Loma) won 1 Yellowood Wenge
2º- Diogo (smith 180 flip out) ( Lowpro) won 1 Lowpro deck
3º- Rivers (blunt to front flip impossible to rock to fakie) won 1 Yellowood tshirt
4º- Kaybass (nollie 50-50 to nollie front flip impossible out) won YW orings

In the end it was great to consolidate the relationships between us all.
We had fun and we fingerboarded a lot while doing it.
Soon we will have another Jam, this time in Porto in th 2nd of August.

UP - Loz, Philippe (YW), Gonçalo (Lowpro),Bruno (Lowpro), Gil (Lowpro), brother of Gonçalo, Andre (Lowpro)
DOWN - aquelerapaz, Rivers, Kaybass, aFONSO, Diogo (Lowpro), Tuneado & his friend

Soon we will have a video of the Jam, I will then post it here.


Blogger Jader said...

that is a nice park you guys got there!

July 25, 2008 at 4:09 PM  
Blogger Kaybass said...


This was a really nice day!

The park was awesome with lot of BRR Ramps and other homemade ramps, and in another table the Big Mini! :o

Was really nice to meet again friend people and fingerboard with them!

So Go Fingerboard Portugal! :D

PS: Nice Job André! ;)

- Kaybass

July 29, 2008 at 5:10 AM  

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