17 July 2008

ZEN Fingerboard Network

ZEN Fingerboard Network

ZEN Fingerboard Website
The website is currently in the process of being designed in my free time, which isn’t all that much between work and traveling. Once I have the design created, and receive my next paycheck, I will be purchasing a webhost and a domain name. The ZEN Fingerboard Website will be a conglomeration of all the various projects I am undertaking.

ZEN Fingerboard Blog
ZEN Fingerboard Blog aspires to provide the latest news from all the different fingerboard scenes from around the world. Currently, there are 8 contributors from a variety of countries representing the world fingerboard scene. Broken down, there are 4 from the United States of America, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Portugal, and 1 representing Italy. Our goal is that having a diverse group of contributors will heighten the overall reading experience and, as a result of this diversity, bring the global fingerboard community closer together!

ZEN Fingerboard Database(ON HOLD)
The ZEN Fingerboard Database will include a list of professional fingerboard companies and their riders. The goal of the database will be an easy way for companies, riders and anyone in general to view information about a specific team or fingerboarder.

Fingerboard Rider Example:
Name: John Doe
Years Fingerboarding: 1
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Deck Sponsor: Noob Decks
Tuning Sponsor: TD GOD SCROOS
Wheel Sponsor:
Tape Sponsor:
Obstacle Sponsor:
YouTube Link: http://

Fingerboard Company Example:
Company Name: TD GOD SCROOS
Products: Tuning
Established: 2008
Team: John Doe, Jane Doe, Reverand Charles, Kellen Hulden
Website: http://

ZEN Graphics Service
Do you want to have a professional looking logo for your fingerboard company? Or a custom-made deck with a great design, but don’t have the resources or artistic ability to pull it off?
Presenting the ZEN Graphics Service featuring custom made graphics for anything from fingerboard deck graphics, stickers to company logo design.
Whether you are an owner of a company looking to have a whole set of team graphics under a specific theme, or just a hobby fingerboard maker looking for a cool looking graphic for your deck, ZEN Graphics is the right source for you!
Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the work required. For example, a set of graphics using similar logos/graphics will be less expensive than a set of graphics that have different logos/graphics for each rider.

ZEN Fingerboard Trucks - (ON HOLD)
ZEN Fingerboard Trucks are still tentative at the moment. The cost of manufacturing the initial mold is extremely expensive and, as a result, would lead to relatively high prices in the beginning. At the moment, I am trying to find an experienced CAD designer to help design the trucks, so I can show to a die-casting company. I actually have a connection to a casting company through a friend, but I am not sure if they will cast small objects. If all goes well, there is a possibility that there will be ZEN Fingerboard Trucks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow no comments until now?!?
well, trucks would be very nice but i think nobody really needs a list of every fber, who got sponsored, so f** of sponsoring and just ride :P

July 19, 2008 at 5:57 PM  
Anonymous jake said...

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Anonymous greg said...

dude cavewoods are preety legit i like myn too but i just wish they had more in stock hey i got a deep wide too jake

March 15, 2009 at 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Jay said...

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