05 October 2009

A truthfull honest statement

Hi there boarders.

Before I write my article, I want to contextualize it.

I believe that it is legit for any person to create their own fingerboard company, it is IMPORTANT most of all.
That has been the only way products have evolved like they have. If there wasn't BRR there wasn't Berlinwood, if there wouldn't be Berlinwood there wouldn't be Lowpro or Yellowood etc etc etc etc.

I also want to say that because i believe that it is good to have more and more companies, I don't normally enjoy companies talking badly of other companies, but tonight something happened, so i will try to simply explain the story.

i will do this because i always believed that the people know how to distinguish the diference between what good and whats bad in life.

Well, Kikz Fingerboards was basically a brand created by somebody that worked with Philipe de Goyri in his office for 5 years.
Philipe basically told me that he trusted this person and believe he was a friend of him all this time.

I wont talk about the quality of the decks and their prices because I believe that everybody as their how judgment.

But I will say this, this person never presented himself in the Portuguese community,
Did not post anything in the Portuguese forum, made the site in English and publicized it foreign forums.
So in my perspective, this person´s main objective seems clear to me.

Now, judge for yourselves.