30 October 2009

Short Interview with Mr. Timo Kranz a.k.a TKY

Last night I was online on my facebook, and saw Timo Kranz is online also, at first I just want to chat with him, but I got an idea to interview him. Since he is the world fingerboard champion 2009 :)

he's a great person and really love skateboard and fingerboard so much. here is my chat or maybe an interview with him. (mind us for our English, we are not English speaking people ;p)

Me : yo Timo :D whats up
Me : 1 quest,, i kept wondering..what is ASI stands for :D:D
Hi, yeah i should do a translation at the asi-berlin.de site ... it has differten meanings, "alles-schön-in-berlin" means everythings fine in berlin! thats one of a few meanings, or anonymus-skateboarder-in-berlin in an other...

Me : aaahhh,,,okay :D
i bet everything are nice in berlin, :p
Me :ahh,, i got an idea,, since we are both online, do you mind i do a small interview with you
to put in Indonesian Fingerboarding site and FBweekly ? :D

TKY : yep. asi-berlin could have different meanings... right now the weather sucks in berlin! Yeah, for sure, i would´like to do this!!

Me : great :)
hopefully the connection not bad :D:D
lets start..

Interview with mr. TKY

Me : first thing first as always, basic infos ?
TKY : Hi, my name ist Timo Kranz, i´m 32 years old, live in Berlin Germany, start skateboarding over 20 years ago and real fingerboarding since the first techdecks came out, i think this was in 99!

Me : so, its been 10 years. :) so your first fingerboard is tech deck ?do you still remember what was the graphic ?
TKY : Yep 10 years now! Now the first ones were these key-cain boards they used to have in the late 80s and 90s, but these were hard to get! No i don´t remember the first tech-deck graphics, but must be from the first serie, they put on the market!

Me : so it can be said that you were there when the start of fingerboard (or we call it now professional fingerboard as a sport) in Germany ? as we can say the birthplace of fingerboard :)
how did it felt, the first time you know fingerboarding is evolving ? the establishment of wood deck, real wheels.
TKY : Yeah, i follow it since the beginning! At the time the techdecks came out, we´re all totally hyped, and start building ramps and learn all the tricks. But because of the reason, i´m from a very little village in the middle of germanny, after a while, a year or two later,withe now media, internet or any fingerboard scene somewhere (that´s what we thought), my frinend and i felt lonely with what we´re doning! I raelly thought, i´m the only fingerboarder on the world! And we give it up...! Since, i was for the first time in Berlin, i got an flyer from blackriver in a skateshop, and i was like "wtf"!! and the fingerboard-posion got reinjectet again... then it all really srarted for me!

Me : same as I felt when I started back then, felt like I'm the only one who play :p
TKY : Yeah, God save the internet & and the scene!

Me : back to personal question, what is TKY stands for ?
TKY : I think Martin Winkler invented it after a crasy night, means Timo-Kill-Yourself!

Me : ahh,,i thought Y is your very last name :p
Me : what have you accomplish with fingerboarding, and what haven't yet ?
TKY : Thats a hard one... A main thing is, that my parents a happy now with what i´m doinig - wasen´t allways like that! Things like "Stopp skating and fingerboarding, and get a rael job, you´ll never earn money and get repect with this..." We´re over this now! The other thing is to help fingerboarding getting more respect, and to show people what´s it´s all about, and try to get people into skateboarding and fingerboarding!

Me : what is the specials trick that u always do, what are they called ? some kind of handstand ?
TKY : I´ve got a few speciall ones! What i´ll allways try it to imitate skateboarding, so one of the move sould be a normal handplant or you can call it "miller flip" to, like Ernie did, and the other one is to catch and balanc your board with your thumb, run and jumb on the board again, called "the sweeper"!

Me : this one is an "if" question,,if you were not getting yourself into fingerboarding and skateboaring, what is Timo Kranz would be like in your own point of view..
TKY : Oh thats a tough one a again! I really didn´t know what will happebed in my life if skateboarding didn´t stepped in! you know a skate since i´m eight! so didn´t know me without it raelly much...

Me : hehe skateboard for life :D

Me : 1 final words for all fingerboarders out there, to Indonesian Fingerboarding scene maybe..
TKY : Do what you like to do, never follow, and also try do check out the bigger boards as well! Thanks for interview! Greets to indonesia, like to come visit your country!

Thank you Mr. Timo Kranz ... :)
Go Fingerboard..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parents are really against fingerboarding as well, and ive almost quit a couple of times, what did you do (anyone with the same problem as me)????


October 31, 2009 at 5:35 AM  
Blogger Angga Panda said...

My suggestion is this, since I am now 23 years old, i kinda know how adult think.

If you are still a student, keep prioritizing school. Cause that is what your parents really want. We all know that fingerboarding is playable everytime and everywhere, but that doesn't mean you have to fingerboard all day long not doing your task as a student. If you show them (parents) you can do great in school, i believe they will support you and be ok with fingerboarding, since they do know that fingerboarding is positive activity as well.

do you get my point ?

fingerboard and skateboard is in our blood. so i believe it wont be hard for us to be smart to know when to play and when to do our obligation as our parents children :)

October 31, 2009 at 7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks i'll do that and see how it works out :)

October 31, 2009 at 2:37 PM  
Anonymous kyle said...

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October 31, 2009 at 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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October 31, 2009 at 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great idea, release your email to the world..lol

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October 31, 2009 at 8:00 PM  

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