29 October 2009

A clip from Sweden

Sweden has its first fingerboard-cup-series at the moment with the first stop in the city of Stockholm. Here is a nice clip from the contest!
Thanks to Corky for the information and for making the contests possible.
Make sure to check out the other two contests!

Here are the results! Congratulations to everyone:

1: Daniel Lindqvist, Västerås
2: Tim Rickeskär, Valbo
3: Fredrik Henningsson, Uppsala

The Complete list and more information can be found on following webpage in swedish ;-)

No thanks to the scandinavian skateboard-websites not daring to post a simple flyer of this event. (Worse, taking a posted flyer off the page again because a few narrowminded kids started hating on fingerboarding in their comments) ;-) hahaha.
Hating on fingerboarding shows they do not understand the spirit of skateboarding, but maybe one day they will :-D

The clip:


Blogger Philippe said...

Really cool and cosy Event :D
Congratz to Daniel and to all that showed up.

October 29, 2009 at 10:25 AM  

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