20 December 2008

New Axe Ramps Team Entries!



Hi guys!
The Axe Ramps Worldwide Sponsorship contest has ended!
The New Sponsored Guys are Dario Marchini (a famos italian Fingerboarder, also supported by Evolve, Funky Trucks and Gnar Griptape) and Goncalo Rodrigues (a famous Portoguese Fingerboarder, also supported by Low Pro).

Now the Full Team is:

Stefano Moleri
Paolo Melillo
Zoran Smitran
Julian Petriti
Gonçalo Rodrigues
Dario Marchini

Axe Ramps
is doing really well in Italy and in Europe too. Axe Ramps is growing up fast and always better! The Italian Scene is growing up too 'cause this team is working 24/7 for FINGERBOARD LOVE!

Thank you Axe Ramps, and Congratulation to the 2 New Team Members!

- Pietro

PS: If you want to read this news in Italian, please visit THIS Link

Greetings from Italy and Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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