02 June 2009

Wikinger Jam (Viking Jam)

In August there will be a nice fingerboard contest in the north of Germany (Near Flensburg). If you are around, you should come by. Here is the flyer…A english website will be done soon.

The flyer says: "From 14th to 16th of August the viking cup is held in the north of Germany. The fingerboarders of Flensburg invite you to ride fingerboard and come together.
Friday there will be chilloutday, Saturday is contest and party and sunday there will be breakfast and chillday again.
The price for catering (BBQ) and campground is 7 € and the entry fee for the contest is 5 €. If you want to register for the contest or if you have any questions, contact the fingerboarders of Flensburg (flensburgerfingerboarder(the email at-sign)gmx.de) or go to www.flensburger-fingerboarder.de.vu.


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