26 May 2009

Pictures from Fastfingers12

Fastfingers 12 was, for me (and i think i can speak for all the portuguese crew), together with the Fingaspektakel one of the best Fingerboard experiences we´ve ever had.

Everybody we met was ultra nice and sincere.
We had the chance to see, try and experience things that we never thought we would.
Meeting people like Martin E. and Denise, Boris, Nic, Thomas, Schimidi, Michael, Emil and all the Fingaspeak team (that welcomed us in Steyr and troughout the event), Martin Beckmann, Tim, Flaki, Katha, Lukas Junk, Dimitri, Mike and his father, Timo Lieben and Martin Winkler (amongst many more) was definatly a very rich experience for us.

I hope one day we will be abble to welcome you all guys in Portugal, specially in the summer, the same way we were in Schwarzenbach/Saale.

If there is one thing that seems notorious from attending this past FF, is what Blackriver has done/does within the fingerboard world.
It is like a metaphor used by Paolo Melilo outside the bowl friday night on a very interesting conversation, "Blackriver made the pavement for all the fingerboard world to walk on" and thats exactly what you feel when you attend one of these events.
Fingerboarding in its essence is Blackriver and all those people that were there from many corners of the earth to enjoy it.

Altough it was the biggest Fastfingers to date, it was still intimate and very much special.

I thank you all for that.

A great shoutout to the Axe crew, you guys are allready family to me.
See ya in 15 in milan guys :)

GO TO LOWPRO´s FLICKR PAGE for all the pictures

At Fastfingers12!

At Fingaspeak!


Blogger Stegen said...

I hope you do a event in Portugal. Would be happy to be there :D . Fast-Fingers was great.

May 27, 2009 at 4:02 PM  
Anonymous devon said...

hi i was wondering if finga speak was like a skate shop for fingerboards??

May 29, 2009 at 6:18 AM  

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