04 November 2008

Motivation to Fingerboard?

I've been seeing alot of people struggling to keep interested in fingerboarding. I myself have even fallen into this rut. Luckily, i have some tips to keep motivated!

If you find yourself lacking the interest to fingerboard, watch fingerboard videos! It sometimes helps to watch old videos, because they can tend to bring back memories from when you first started, or when fbing was raw, new and inventive. The best solution : Felix Hess' Gripskin video on Youtube.

Try switching up your setups. Maybe grab that deck that's collecting dust in your collection, and relive it's awesomeness haha. Try using a stock tech deck perhaps, or even try creating a crazy new killer setup.

Make a new ramp. Nothing keeps me more motivated than when i have a ramp. Think of a crazy design, and build it! The more creative, the better. The more possibilities the better as well.

Do stupid tricks, or make up new tricks. It may sound stupid, but doing stupid tricks is the most fun you will ever have fingerboarding. Try recreating some old school tricks, or tricks similar to Richie Jackson. The more creative you get, the better. Unique combination of obstacles helps as well.

Buy a new product. Treat yourself to something good! Buy a new set of wheels, like FlatFace, or NoComply! Maybe get some new grip like ExtraSmooth, or Riptape. Maybe buy a new deck, like a Homewood, Berlin Wood, Permier, or Absolute. Even bushings can keep you motivated, well for me atleast haha.

Fingerboard outside for a change. Look around your house, and find some natural spots. Use your creativity, and find some odd spots. It's great to fingerboard on something other than wood at times. Just dont use your favorite deck outside!

For the last tip on motivation, i will leave you guys with the most effective one of all. Have yourself a soul sesh. Put some earphones in, and just fucking fingerboard. Foget about filming, landing hammers, and just fingerboard. Do what you want!


Blogger BrentWoodFBS said...

i quit fbing along time ago then i went on martin winklers profile last year and it made me want to fb again so i found my closeup in my closet and started to fb and i have not stopped yet now i go on youtube all the time and look at mike, patt and all those other great fingerbosarders!

November 5, 2008 at 5:26 PM  
Blogger Chris Daniels said...

Amen Tim!

November 6, 2008 at 9:46 PM  

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